"Leveling" Opening Reception: March 17th 7-9 pm 110 Morgan Street Jersey City, NJ.

Please join me then from 7-9 PM & bring your curious state of mind! I’m excited to showcase my new series through 7 fresh pieces at the Novado Gallery alongside 5 wonderful artists. For information and inquiries please click onto images below.


It Started Long Ago.

We didn’t come here to be pretty, however we women all feel pushed by society to transform into objects of desire until we realize we didn’t come here to be pretty. At that moment our guard drops and reveals inner feelings of frustration, strength, anger, resignation, and so many other emotions I intend to capture for this show’s paintings. 


Thursday, February 5th 2015, 5-9 PM: "AMERICANA" Opening on Lexington & 33rd

Thursday, February 5th 2015, 5-9 PM: "AMERICANA" Opening on Lexington & 33rd

I'm happy to show 7 pieces at TransForm Gallery in Manhattan:200 Lexington Ave (33rd Street). 3 of the pieces are fresh off my painting ledge and that is always really exciting to me. It's what I just started to call "retro-collage" - collaging in parts of the image originally used to create the painting. It makes for abstract shapes that peacefully co exist within the figurative shapes and it really warms up my color scheme ... Sally and Kara are really gracious ladies who run the gallery. The exhibit will run through May 3rd and the opening will be quite a festivity - so join me! There are several galleries on the 7th floor  that will be celebrating openings - let's defy the cold and have a great time ... I'll see you there!

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