Leveling, featuring: We Didn’t Come Here To Be Pretty, series

Novado Gallery, Jersey City
March 17, 2018


Work in progress for upcoming exhibition


BBC News, World Interview
February 2018


Harlem Art Fair With Richard Beaver Gallery
Riverside Church, Harlem, NY
February 2018


BRIC Arts Interview


Celebrating True Humans (Not Fake Presidents) 
Chez Oskar, Brooklyn NY
January 2017


Featured in Interview in American Art Collector
February 2016


She Stood for Freedom, About the Life of Joan Trumpauer Mullholland
Kid’s Book 17 illustrations
Published 2016


Freedom Riders
Richard Beaver Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
May 2016


Barbed Wire And Picket Fences
RJD Gallery, Sag Harbour, NY
April 2016

Art Southampton with House of Art Gallery
Southhampton, NY
July 2015

The New Normal - American Iconography
R Wells Gallery, Hudson, NY
October 2015

The New Normal / Everyday Iconography
R Wells Gallery
Oct - Dec 2015

Threads of a Story, Traveling Exhibit
Partnered with the Fort Wayne Museum of Art
2014 - 2015

Threads of a Story
George Washington Carver Interpretive Museum

Venice Biennale
June 2013

Americana Series
John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY
September 2012

Freedom Riders
Philadelphia, PA
July - September 2012

Threads of a Story
Troy University Rosa Parks Museum, Montgomery, AL
April - May 2012